Who is Uni-Serve USA?

A networked resource developed by Ohio State University, Uni-Serve USA was developed with the help and guidance from Ohio State University.

We have come up with a network of hood cleaning companies across the nation to compete with the national subcontractors in our field. The national subcontracting companies, in our opinion, have little to offer compared to Uni-Serve USA. We have the best hood cleaning company in your area, not the cheapest. We stand behind our work, not behind a corporate blanket if there is a problem.

Uni-Serve members are owners of Uni-Serve, not subcontractors. Uni-Serve USA is a co-operative hood cleaning company, which allows your restaurant group to have the convenience of centralized billing and reporting that comes along with the national coverage as well as the customer service and immediate response that you get from a local service provider.

Never again wait for days to resolve service issues, or settle for small adjustments to your bill to make up for inadequate service. Call Uni-Serve USA and be assured that we will deliver our services as proposed, and if you have any concern with the services we will be on site to address your issues.